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What Loyalty members in India want


More than three in five want cash back and rewards

26th October, 2015

Monetary benefits are key to loyalty program members in India—and loyalty programs can mean a lot for brands there.

According to a February 2015 survey from eMart Solutions, 84% of loyalty program members in India are more likely to use a particular airline to obtain better loyalty benefits. Two-thirds said the same about hotels, and 27% agreed when it came to retailers.

And those benefits, to be persuasive, will probably need to include monetary incentives. More than three in five respondents said that cash back, discounts and rewards were the most important part of loyalty programs. Nearly two in five also liked nonmonetary benefits—but only if the financial incentives were also present

But to brands' chagrin, loyalty members want to hold tight to their personal information—the typical tradeoff for such benefits. Nearly two-thirds did not want to give out information about their household, and 61% wanted to keep online browsing behavior private. The same number said they would not give out their phone number, either.

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