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eMart Solutions launches a comprehensive marketing platform for SME businesses


25th February, 2016

The business owners can interact with their customers overseas and in the regional markets while viewing, monitoring and analysing all interactions in a consolidated dashboard.

eMart Solutions announced the launch of eMart Solutions DIY (Do-It-Yourself) for the SMEs to meet their business and marketing objectives. eMart Solutions is eMart’s proprietary patent pending technology platform a powerful technology that was till date available only to large, multinational enterprises in the Indian geography. With eMart Solutions DIY, eMart Solutions is expanding its footprints in the global markets.

What does it mean for the SMEs?

For SMEs and MSMEs, eMart Solutions will be a very efficient way to be top of mind with their customers. eMart Solutions is an all-in-one marketing platform that the marketers will get access to, enabling them to put forward and execute very focused, customer centric marketing strategies. The SMEs can stay connected to their customers across a range of channels through this one single platform. They get a 360 degree view of the each individual customer of theirs. For instance, a brand with say 10,000 customer base, will have the capability to know how each individual customer has been interacting and transacting with the brand. Based on the transaction and the interaction history, eMart Solutions provides intelligent actionable insights, e.g., what will be the perfect channel and time for the SME to interact with the customer, what is the probability of her reading the campaign and engaging with the SME.

What are the functionalities of the platform?

Campaign Management: The built-in segmentation tool, actionable dashboards and intelligence pulled out across channels ensures that marketers send out the communication only to the relevant recipients, who may have a higher propensity to convert as compared to others. The marketers get to see the campaign performance in real time. Data driven marketing campaigns is the perk by eMart Solutions. The business owners can interact with their customers overseas and in the regional markets while viewing, monitoring and analysing all interactions in a consolidated dashboard.

Social Media Management: eMart Solutions becomes the simple, single interface for managing all the social media conversations across channels. Marketers can use eMart Solutions for engaging with their customers and followers across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, while maintaining a unified dashboard view of the activities and responses across all channels.

Schedule and execute campaigns: Marketers can schedule their campaigns for the prime times using this feature by eMart Solutions. It gives the brands more control over who views their content and allows them to market their brand to a target audience or even a select group. When the campaigns are scheduled and in sequence, they can build on each other, work together to bring awareness to the businesses in an effective way.

Use learnings from one channel to improve the communication on another channel: The platform provides performance insights of the campaigns being run across channels on a single consolidated platform, enabling the marketers to cross pollinate the learnings from one channel to another channel.

Single window customer view: – eMart Solutions provides brands a single window view of the consumers, which enables them to create micro segments, as well as provides them with actionable, named customer insights. This is independent of the customer’s chosen touchpoints, mode of engagement or transaction, device, location, or language. This ensures that the messaging sent out by the brand to named customers is always kept relevant and contextual.

On the launch of eMart Solutions DIY, Aditya Bhamidipaty, Co-founder & CEO, eMart Solutions says, “We have build the product that caters the marketing needs of the SMEs. We are fully focused on providing delightful marketing to our customers. We have receivedoverwhelming response in the first few days of the launch and are confident about eMart Solutions becoming the integral part of marketers’ must-have tools.”

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