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Online shoppers don't want browsing pattern tracked: Survey


24 April, 2015

Online Shoppers

Even as online tracking of consumer data is gaining momentum, a survey by a consumer engagement technology company has said a majority of online customers do not want their browsing behaviour to be tracked.

Conducting a survey on consumer behaviour towards brand loyalty, Mumbai-based Emart Solutions said data security was of paramount importance for online shoppers as 61 percent of the people surveyed do not wish online portals to track their browsing behaviour, while 64 percent of the respondents were unwilling to share their household information.

Interestingly, the survey said 51 percent of the buyers do respond to personalised targeted marketing despite their reluctance to share personal or household information.

The survey was conducted in 21 states covering more than 500 cities with over 6,500 respondents. The surveyor said most of the respondents in metro cities were part of brand loyalty programmes across multiple categories.

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